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You are not in this alone

As a business owner, have you ever wished you could have a lawyer, accountant, marketing specialist, copywriter, business coach or and tech support on speed dial for personalised business advice? 

Someone who could answer a question, without requiring an hour-long appointment or needing to sell a kidney to pay for?

Have you ever wondered who you can turn to for business advice? Someone you can trust to give you an honest answer, without wondering if they were trying to drum up extra business and make a sale? Or if they were even qualified to give advice?

Or have you ever just wanted to find a group of people you could talk to and have a coffee with, who just get it and understand what it is like to be in business?

Welcome to Business Mums Hub memberships!

This is not just *another* directory listing. This is a one-of-a-kind membership that is designed to educate, inspire, support, and connect you with a village of like-minded women and experts. Created specifically for mums in business, whether just starting out, or expanding rapidly, to give you the assistance you need to grow. 

We have 3 memberships on offer, at a price point that every mum in business can afford.

Choose your membership plan

The Directory Listing
$ 59.95 Per Year
Village Membership
$ 69.95 Per Month
Centre Stage
$ 499 Per Month inc GST

The Directory Listing

$59.95 per year

This membership includes:

Village Membership

$69.95 per month

This membership includes:

  • Weekly Expert Training Workshops to Grow your Business and Knowledge ($2990) 
  • Weekly 1 hour live Q&A sessions with our Village Experts in our private membership forum to answer your business questions ($2,990 per year)
    • The Village Experts are:
      • Accountant
      • Lawyer
      • Marketer 
      • Copy & PR
      • Social Media
      • Business Coach 
      • Mind mastery 
      • IT
      • Financial Planner
      • HR
  • Access to the online archives of the Q&A and Masterclass sessions – $800
  • Exclusive members discounts to all Business Mums Hub events 
  • Priority access to the Centre Stage Membership – priceless

Valued at: $6,780

Your investment: $69.95 per Month

Centre Stage Membership (capped at 20 members)

$499 per month including GST

What’s included:

  • Eight group sessions and a 45 minute 1 on 1 with Vanessa Bamford (Valued at $15,000)

  • Four 1 on 1 sessions with Sandra Senn (Valued at $2000)

  • Millionaire Mums (invitation only) Lunch $500

  • Own your own shit and thrive 1 on 1 with Lisa Infante (Valued at $290)

  • Face to Face workshops How to make and KEEP MONEY, with Vanessa Bamford (Valued at $1990)

  • A photoshoot and B roll session with Fable and Fig (Valued at $1490)

  • Personal Branding workshop with Dianne from TopKnot Marketing (Valued at $990 )

  • Marketing Mapping with Maddi from Made Co.(Valued at $990)

  • How to create a community and never sell again with Sandra Senn (Valued at $990)

  • Virtual masterclasses with industry experts (Valued at $5999)

Village membership – (Valued at $840) 

Total value $31,000

The Village memberships are only opened 4 times a year, which coincide with the school terms.

This is done because we believe in having school holidays off! Not because you are a mum, but because balance is important.  

Due to the interactive nature of these memberships, there are limited spots available, with priority given to early applications. If you have any questions on the inclusions, or which one is best for you and your business, talk to Sandra today.

There are only limited memberships available. So join today and start growing your business with support and confidence.