Brand review: Supercharge your brand in 2021

Welcome to 2021! January is traditionally a time of reflection, intentions and goal setting. We reassess our health, set lofty New Year’s resolutions and exciting goals for our businesses. It’s also an excellent time to review your brand! So, come along with me and supercharge your brand in 2021 with a brand review.

Sounds daunting right? Trust me, once you know the steps, you’ll find it quite simple, and it probably won’t take you more then 10 minutes. You’ll know very quickly in your gut whether things need to change.

So, what is a brand review?

Very simply, a brand review is an overall health check for your brand. Take a step back and assess the brand from different angles, ensuring that it is aligned with your vision and goals. I know that sounds vague, but you can go into as little or as much depth as you feel you need to. Ready to take the ride?

Here are the aspects of your brand that I recommend looking into for your 2021 brand review:


What is your 5-10 year vision for your brand? Where is it going, and what do you want it to represent and achieve? How are you going to get there? Who are you serving, how and why?


Who are you serving? What are their pain points? What motivates them and how are you filling their needs? Is your offer aligned with what they feel they need?


Is your visual brand aligning well with your vision, mission and target audience? Or is it outdated, tired or representing a previous iteration of your brand that is no longer relevant? Sometimes in the early years of business, our brand evolves as we hone in on what our audience wants and needs. The personality may shift as we realise how to best communicate our brand visually to our audience.


How’s your brand photography looking? I’m not just talking about products here… it’s imperative in today’s marketplace to include personal branding photography even if you’re a product-based business. Are your images aligned with your visual brand vibe? Hopefully they’re no more than two years old! Here’s a  couple of great resources to find out more about either core branding imagery or personal branding photography.


How’s that website copy sounding? Is it hitting the heart of your audience, or is it dry, chalky and lifeless? How about your captions? Check out this post about using your voice as branding.

Well, there you have it! If you use these points as a springboard, you’ll soon be able to identify which aspects of your brand need a spruce up. You’ll know in your gut whether or not things need to change. Indicators are usually that your message isn’t aligning with your ideal client, the components that make up your visual brand are outdated or tired, or your brand has recently developed or even changed directions completely. Either way, it’s important to regularly check in with your brand! Here’s to a supercharged 2021!

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