Media Kit – what is it, and do I need one?

By Dianne Dumanovic of Topknot Marketing

Dianne Dumanovic – Founder Topknot Marketing

When you are running a small business, creating a media kit doesn’t come to mind as one of the key things you need to do for business development.  To be honest, it shouldn’t rank highly as an urgent thing to do but in my opinion, I absolutely do recommend for all my clients to have one on hand as you never know when an opportunity will strike.

A media kit in simple terms, is a 2-3 page document outlining what your business/brand does, the opportunities that lie within and how you stand out from others.  Yes, as per the reference, it can be used when reaching out to media to source publicity or media exposure, but it also comes in handy if someone enquires about the services you offer, as well as if you ever want to reach out and initiate a partnership or collab with an influencer or another brand.  

If done right, this little document can assist in converting the prospect of an opportunity into reality.

Now, if you are comfortable with your creative and copy-writing skills you should be able to create your own using a modified version of a template on Canva.  I say ‘modified’ as it’s essential that you tailor the template to suit your existing branding (logos, font, colours) as well as areas of information you want to feature.

If you aren’t comfortable, get an expert to help you out. It will be well worth the investment!

In terms of the info, I would suggest the following at the very least…

An ‘About’ section.  Approx. 2 paragraphs.  List your years and scope of experience here, as well as mission/vision and your point of difference (POD).  Add a photo of yourself here.

Snapshot of Services/Products section.  3 – 4 paras here.  Accompany the copy with high quality photos.

Visual Stats. I always like to include a section where I can feature 2-3 icons with strong stats.  Think of things like # of past clients/customers, social reach, years of experience etc.

Testimonials.  1 – 2 is enough.  Client/customer testimonials play a crucial role in giving your brand a sense of credibility. Be sure to use the best ones you have.

Reminder of your POD.  Just chuck it in there again for fun.

Contact details. Your name, phone number, email, social handles & website (don’t forget to hyperlink where possible)

Always send this out as a pdf and ensure that the final version is typo free, visually appealing, easy to read and aligns up with your core messaging & brand values.

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