How to stop feeling freaked out by money – by Shona Gates


Ever heard the phrase, ‘money is the root of all evil’. Of course, you have, everyone has.

Somehow that one little phrase has so many people all over the world totally blocked, frustrated and stuck. It has incredible women undervaluing themselves. It has mums feeling guilty for going to work. It has total boss babes hiding their ambition, scared of judgment.

But, I 100 per cent know you c

an be a total rich babe and a spiritual / good person / incredible mum at the same time.

I know that’s kind of a strange concept to wrap your head around because pretty much everything in the world will try to tell you otherwise. However, …

  • Being wealthy doesn’t make you “less spiritual”
  • Being “broke” doesn’t make you more “woke”
  • Struggling doesn’t make you more pure or worthy or morally right.

Because, despite what you’ve heard … money is not evil and having money doesn’t make you a bad person.

In fact, I 100% believe having money helps you become a better person all round because it gives you opportunity, it gives you choice and it amplifies the best of you.

  • A mum who doesn’t have to stress about bills or struggle to pay her electricity bill can be a more present mum, play with her kids, read them stories, cuddle with them.
  • A dad who has enough money he doesn’t need to work 18 hour days can help volunteer at his sons school to build the new playground.
  • The woman whose baby boutique clothing store is selling out of stock superfast can hire more staff, giving jobs to other mums in the community.
  • The business coach who has her first 20k month, can donate thousands to a charity that provides food for the homeless.
  • The grandma who made some smart decisions with real estate in her 40s can afford to send her grandchild to a summer music program.
  • The young mum who joins a MLM and brings in some extra money every week can afford to shop at the organic farmers market every week instead of living off pasta and 99c rice.

Money is powerful. In a GOOD way … in a way that we can positively impact the world. In the way where we can have more choice and freedom and change.

In a way where you can buy the reusable beeswax wraps instead of the plastic cling wrap because your passionate about saving the turtles. In a way where we can make decisions based on what aligns with our true purpose instead of what we can afford.

Money is sexy.  But, if you’re reading that sentence and cringing right now, it’s probably because somewhere along the line someone or something convinced you that money was evil, gross, dirty, corrupt, etc.

Don’t worry, you are not alone … in fact, up until a few years ago I had this exact same blueprint

I mean, think about most movies you watched as a child —The Little Rascals, Lizzie McGuireMean Girls, even Harry Potter — the rich kids are always the bad guys. The average or poor kids are the heroes, the underdogs we all root for.

Subconsciously we take on this story, this pattern as our own belief system … demonising wealth, success and ambition. Glorifying struggle.

We become stuck with these subconscious messages clouding our own self-worth, stopping us seeing our own value keeping us small.

But this story no longer serves us. It’s time to let it go, So how do we let go of that negative money blueprint? By reframing the way we view wealthy people.

What happens when you see a wealthy person, that mum with the $2500 pram, the woman driving a Range Rover, those parents who takes their kids overseas for holidays every year to EPIC locations

What thoughts enter your mind? ‘Might have money but I bet she’s a cow’ … ‘money can’t buy happiness’ … ‘rich kids are always brats anyway’ etc

Now it’s time to disrupt the narrative …

Some of the wealthiest people I know of are also the most hard working, the most generous, the most enlightened and the most spiritual.

Change the script … see people with all the potential they have, with all their incredible humanness recognise and choose to believe that they worked bloody hard to get where they are today.

Here are my top three tips to not only build your confidence around money but also release your judgment of other wealthy/abundant people.

3 ways to build your confidence around money

  1. Don’t say you’re bad with money

Stop saying ‘I’m bad with money’ or ‘I’m not good with money’ or ‘money is the root of all evil’. Instead, try swapping it to ‘I’m learning about money’.

Simple, so simple, and just watch as this little shift makes a massive change to the way you view yourself and learning about finances and creating more abundance.

  1. Start getting comfortable with money

Every day when you have your breakfast or your morning coffee, check your bank account. Open your online banking, check your accounts and think about things you’re grateful for that money gives you.

Do this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and it will slowly build your confidence. Bit by bit the ‘money is ewww’ mindset will start to slip away.

  1. Write a letter to money

Write a brutally honest letter to money as if it is a real person. Be as calm or as angry as you want to be. Get it all out on paper — don’t hold back.

After you have written out your honest, angry letter to money, spend a moment to journal and ask yourself ‘if money was a person and you were in a relationship with him/her, how have you been treating him/her and how could you treat him/her better in future?’.

Remember … money is not bad, it’s not evil. It is a resource and when you have resources, you have access to things that help you grow and create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Money is amazing and it will give you the resources to give back, to create, to empower and support others.

But it’s only amazing when you let go of the idea that it’s bad or that it’s not right to have a lot of it. It’s just not true.

Choose love over fear, abundance over lack. Rewrite your money blueprint. You DO deserve to be a wealthy abundant badass babe!